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TLSA Trunk Mats TMY- Rubber Mats for the back trunk to Tesla Model Y

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Product Information

  • Laser cut rubber mat- Perfect fit to the Tesla Model Y
  • Durable and easy to clean- just rinse with water
  • Effectively protects against dirt, snow, oil and grease
  • Elevated edges- holds water, debree, and dirt in place

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    TSLA back trunk mat is a rubber mat that effectively protects against dirt is easy to keep clean. This means you can fill your car with a strollers, wood and other everyday chores/ items without being concerned about the clean up. The mat can be rinsed clean from dirt and other messes if necessary. These laser cut floor mats fit perfectly into your Tesla Model Y. Made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless materials.

    High edges on the mats ensures they hold dirt/debree in place. They are perfect for Norwegian weather conditions like snow, slush, rain and mud.


    All-weather Mat
    There is no need to worry about water or other spills damaging the trunk floor This waterproof surface repels water, mud and other messes effectively, making things very easy to keep clean. Simply rinse with water or wipe with a cloth.


    Tesla Model Y - Bagasjeromsmatte - Trunk


    ATTENTION! The mats come packed flat and there may be a "crack" which can go away over time. Laying them flat on a warm surface with also help.



    Technical Details

    Number of Mats
    1 pc trunk mat (back trunk space)
    Material Plastic, rubber
    2 years


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    TSLA Trunk Mat - Bagasjeromsmatte - Tesla Model Y - TPE -  Elbilgrossisten

    TLSA Trunk Mats TMY- Rubber Mats for the back trunk to Tesla Model Y

    1.698 kr1.299 kr