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TSLA Wireless Charger- Wireless phone charging for Tesla Model S/ X



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Product Information

  • Wireless Charging for up to 2 mobile phones simultaneously for Tesla Model S/ X 
  • The charging works on thin phone covers
  • The maximum width of the unit is 83mm
  • Works with most devices/ products that have the Qi standard- iPhone 8 and newer and Samsung S7 and newer

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    Are you tired of having to fiddle with chords in order to charge your mobile telephone in your Tesla Model S or X? TSLA Wireless Charger- suitable for Tesla Model S and X- makes it easy to charge up to 2 mobile telephones at once. With this charging solution, you only need to slip your mobile phone into its charger and drive. 


    The charger has been developed to blend into the car's interior and fits perfectly into the center console. It therefore works with the majority of devices with the Qi standard such as iPhone 8 and newer or Samsung S7 and newer.


    The package contains:

    • TSLA Wireless Charger
    • Wire(s) for the charger


    TSLA Wireless Charger for Tesla Model S X - Phone - Trådløs lader- Telefon - Elbilgrossisten


    Technical Details

    Wireless Charging standard
    Qi standard
    Color Black
    5V DC
    Current Strength 2A
    Degree of Efficiency 75%
    Material PETG plastic
    Weight 100 grams
    Warranty 2 years


    Questions and Answers

    How do I install the wireless charger in my car?





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    TSLA WIRELESS CHARGER MODEL S X V2 - BOX - Elbilgrossisten

    TSLA Wireless Charger- Wireless phone charging for Tesla Model S/ X

    1.198 kr